Spyglass pancreatoscopy for diagnosis, evaluation and staging of main duct intraductal papillary mucinous neoplasm

Rui Morais, Filipe Vilas Boas, João Antunes, Pedro Pereira, Guilherme Macedo

Centro Hospitalar São João

An 84 year-old man underwent an abdominal CT due to abdominal pain. This exam revealed a lesion in the head of the pancreas that conditioned a diffuse main pancreatic duct dilation, in probable relation to a MD-IPMN. After multidisciplinary discussion the patient underwent pancreatoscopy that revealed in the pancreatic head presence of mucin, papillary fronds and protusions with “fish-egg” appearance. Biopsies were performed in all segments and confirmed a diagnosis of MD-IPMN in the pancreatic head, with no lesions in the remaining segments. The patient was submitted to a subtotal duodenopancreatectomy that confirmed previous findings and associated presence of adenocarcinoma.



02 junho 2019


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