Hiperplasia nodular linfoide do recto

Hiperplasia nodular linfoide do recto

João Santos-Antunes, Margarida Marques, Pedro Amoroso Canão, Elsa Fonseca, Guilherme Macedo

A 27 years-old male, with a history of hyper-IgM syndrome, was referred to our department due to rectal bleeding. In the colonoscopy, ileal mucosa was normal, and no bleeding lesion was found in the colon. In the rectum, multiple sessile lesions, measuring between 4 and 10mm, without typical adenomatous surface pattern, were found. We decided to perform polypectomy of the largest 5 lesions. Pathological evaluation showed reactive large germinal centres, compatible with the diagnosis of a nodular lymphoid hyperplasia of the rectum. 

Serviço de Gastrenterologia, Centro Hospitalar S. João



26 junho 2018


2º Prémio - Fotografia
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