Consent forms - English

SPED has developed information leaflets and consent forms for endoscopy procedures, prepared in partnership with the Centre for Biomedical Law of Coimbra University and with the collaboration of Professor André Dias Pereira and Dr.Carla Barbosa. The English versions are provided here:

  • Upper GI Endoscopy - Informative Document - PDF 
  • Upper GI Endoscopy - Consent form - PDF 
  • Colonoscopy - Informative Document PDF 
  • Colonoscopy - Consent form PDF
  • ERCP - Informative Document - PDF
  • ERCP - Consent form - PDF
  • Endoscopic ultrasound - Consent form - PDF 

We emphasize that this forms are not by themselves equivalent to consent! Each unit/department should have a well-documented implementation of an informed consent policy, with adequate records of clinical information in each patient's medical file. Information should be provided to the patients in good time and in an appropriate matter, and physicians who request endoscopic procedures should be aware of their role. The endoscopist has the duty to talk to the patients before the endoscopic procedure, to guarantee that they are properly informed and understand the scope of the proposed intervention. 

The ultimate goal of this process is to protect the patients and achieve the best outcomes for them, bearing in mind that adverse events are inherent to any medical activity, even when provided with the highest standards of medical practice. 

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