The Amazing vascular Spider’s web

The Amazing vascular Spider’s web

Rui Morais, Margarida Marques, Ana Luísa Santos, Rosa Coelho, Ana Patrícia Andrade, Hélder Cardoso, Guilherme Macedo

Centro Hospitalar São João

A 20-years-old male, with priors of cerebral palsy and neonatal portal vein thrombosis was evaluated in the emergency department due to melena. He underwent upper endoscopy that revealed a spider’s web shaped vascular lesion in the anterior portion of the duodenal bulb. During the procedure, active bleeding from the lesion was evident. Firstly, treatment with argon plasma coagulation was tried but it was not possible to stop the bleeding so it was performed radiofrequency ablation of the lesion (Halo® system). The bleeding was effectively stopped and the patient remained asymptomatic, with no evidence of recurrence in the follow-up.


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02 junho 2019


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